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Google Analytics Help WordPress Site


1: Browser Report

There are number of Browsers available today and no one can deny the fact that Browsers really matters. If you are a start-up company, relying on you developers for site development and its performance with every browser than you are definitely on bad impression. Count me on this as it is not my hypothetical suggestion and this warning is given by ConversionXL’s founder-Peep Laja.

Initially you may be happy that yourWordPress site looks great on Chrome but then disappointment follows right away as you come to know your site is not giving better performance on Internet explorer. Those who usually think, IE is bygone and no one uses it then their perception on this is completely wrong. People like me still use IE and using it is really not a bad idea. If the performance of your site is bad on IE then I am left with no other option to jump ship, considering user-hostile experience. Browser report helps in this scenario.


2: Content Efficiency Analysis Report

In today’s scenario, most of the companies hide their understanding of the exact algorithm to prevent from SEO hacking. The best advice to proceed in SEO is; fresh content on daily basis so as to keep ranking of site high. Recent analysis says that almost 60% of the users are clicking the first result. Earlier the no was three. This is the reason why ranking the websites is extremely important in terms of growing your online business. Content Efficiency Report for you WordPress site will let you know genuine content on your site.

3: New vs. Returning Visitors

We all know that customers play a significant role in growing any business. Initially start-ups may face problem to get their customers on their site but established firms can benefit a lot from New vs. Returning Visitors report. It is very important to engage your customer with your site so that they can later become followers, readers and potential customers. This standard report has all the stats which flaunt the actual number stating the percentage of your users coming back to your website. Well, that is really cool, isn’t it?

Just go to Audience ->Behavior -> New vs. Returningin your Analytics account and embark on your potential customers.


4: Mobile Performance Report

Who on the planet earth, don’t have mobiles? It will be a joke if humans won’t have mobiles in this rapid changing technology. This straight away means your online business site performance is very much depended on mobile users. It is indeed essential for you to optimize your WordPress site for mobile traffic so as to prevent from losing the market shares along with your competitors who have insights for “mobile-first” approach. Their strategy is so different that they design their sites for mobile users first and later pay attention to laptop and desktop users. Sounds interesting? Well, fortunately it is very true to great extent.

Custom Google Analytics report help in this scenario as it lets you know, how well you are going with numerous mobile technologies. Avinash Kaushik-Dynamo of Google Analytics also believes in same concept.

5 Most Popular WordPress Hacks


1:Strong Usernames and Passwords should be used

While installing WordPress, you should be very careful about admin username which is in default mode. Precautions should be taken and that username should be changed because not doing this will allow the bad guys to brute-force your website by just guessing your password. WordPress 3.0 allows the users to select their admin username while doing setup. If you have missed that option or unfortunately WordPress didn’t allow you that option then it is time for you to check your alerts that keep coming on your Dashboard and take necessary action of changing the username and password so that your business will be safe from any malicious attack.

Responsive web design on mobile devices phone, laptop and tablet pc

Responsive web design on mobile devices phone, laptop and tablet pc

  1. Your Login Screen should be secured

Securing your username and password is not sufficient. You should also secure your login screen so as to prevent from brute-force attacks. The attacker may get access to your dashboard, further causing damage to your business. If you are site admin then you should limit the number of login attempts that are done from single source in certain time period. This way you can certainly prevent your business from such attacks. These precautions are indeed essential as nowadays the internet is the most powerful thing and hackers use internet to ruin your website while taking all essential data.

  1. File and Folder Permissions should be understood

Being admin of the site,you should be able to understand the files and folders permission as this will allow you to give access to your users as per their requirements.644 and 755 are the two utmost common modes that you will see. These modes generally define set of rules for each directory and files and you will able to give access to your users, whether they want to read it or open it or just simply want to modify it.Much attention should be given to the 644 and 755 modes and instruction written over them should be followed so that your files and folders will be secured from any brute-force attack. The hackers will also be restricted from doing any changes to it.

  1. Backup should be your first priority

If you are running your WordPress site and forgot to do backup of your data then it is the best time for you to do the backup without wasting any time. It will help you to secure your past data so that you can use it when required in future. You can do weekly back or just use the plugins so as to automate your backup. This way you will also save time and effort when compared manually.


  1. WordPress should be up to Date

Though “Update available” option is annoying for you but it is indeed essential to keep your site up to date. Doing regular updates will help you in running your site with more speed and efficiency. One should not avoid this update and do it on regular basis.If you are aiming that your site should be super quick and user friendly than all the plugins and complete WordPress site should be updated.

5 Essential WordPress basics You Should Know


1: Focus on your passion

Follow your passion and try to write on the topic which you love the most. If you get inspired by viewing someone’s blog and opt to write on the same topic then you may feel good for some time than you will realize that the same topic doesn’t interest you. That’s why it is important to follow your passion and write as many topics which really come from you.Such topics may be on technology,love,travelling,fashion and many more.Ask yourself a question; are you really interested in any of the topic? If your answers is yes than make a blog on WordPress and start writing.

computer repair concept - workers repairing keyboard

computer repair concept – workers repairing keyboard

2: Content is king

If you want to have a successful WordPress blog with more visitors, visiting daily then you need to write genuine content as fresh content plays key role in search engine optimization.If you are copy pasting your content from another websites and blogs than chances are more that your site will have less views as it will not be detected by the google search algorithms.To increase your presence on internet you should write plagiarism free content on your WordPress blog.There are many Plagiarism free tools available on internet where you can actually check plagiarism for your content.

3: Join with blogging community

Growing your blogging network is as easy as there are various groups and communities where different bloggers, authors and writers come and share their views on your blog. This will eventually help you to track your progress while doing blogging. Such groups also give an opportunity to grow your network as you meet different people who have their blogs on different niche.The best thing about joining community is you get the chance to do guest posts which actually helps you to grow your income.This way you will also become expert for certain topic.

4: Do SEO for your website

Hiring an individual who will do SEO for your WordPress website is not a bad idea. SEO is indeed essential in increasing the ranking of your website. Though some plugins for SEO are available in your WordPress dashboard but doing SEO for your website on regular basis with the help of SEO professional is extremely beneficial. The expert will tell you the entire tactic that is required to boost your site in terms of rankings.In the end you will be happy to see your website in Google’s top three search list.


5:Use Google Analytics

If you are a WordPress blogger then Google Analytics is for you. It is an amazing tool which offers variety of solutions to your Internet marketing business. However, you need to have determination and consistency while mastering at this tool as it has huge pool of data and handling this data is indeed challenging for beginners and experienced professionals. Many SEO experts suggest Google analytics as the top free tool for SEO analysis. Google products such AdSense, Adword and search console are some advantages that you will be getting after taking service of Google Analytics software.

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2015 (Expert Pick)


If you are in process of building your WordPress website and got stuck in choosing the best plugin that is used by most of the WordPress experts than you are definitely on the right site. This articles displays all the excellent plugins that is been used by team of experts in WordPress.

Selecting best plugin for your WordPress site will ease your work further giving your users an opportunity to access the full-fledged website in an efficient manner.


1. WordPress SEO provided by Yoast

This plugin issomething which is certainly more than a SEO plugin. You can say it almost provides the service of website optimization. It allows you to add descriptions along with titles so that your article will look beautiful. Along with this, it also opens graph Meta data, publishes xml sitemap, does analysis of page and many more other functionalities are included within its package. The most amazing part about this plugin is, it is very easy to install and setup is super quick.

2. Incredible BackupBuddy

If you are completely new to WordPress then this plugin may help you a lot as it’s extremely beginner friendly plugin that aims at migration and backup of your data. Through this plugin you will be allowed to setup backup automatically to gain data from your website.You have the assurance that your content is safe somewhere in the cloud so that you can refer to it later as per your requirements. Thus, your backup data gets stored in cloud for your future reference.Backup Buddy helps in securing your WordPress content in a well-organized way.

3. Remarkable W3 Total Cache

If you are celebrating for making the site in WordPress and your sites loads in one hour on internet than its time for you to install W3 Total Cache into your website. The reason behind this is the speed. For your site to run quickly on internet, your site needs to have  good amount of speed and this plugin offers your site extremely superb performance and speed so that your site will be quickly optimized for SEO. Setting up page is so easy along with browser caching. For quick download, pages are compressed while setting content delivery network to static files.


4. Impressive Gravity Forms

If you are looking for awesome contact form plugin for your website than you don’t need to worry because Gravity Forms have excelled in meeting all your contact form requirementswithin a short period of time. To your WordPress website, you can add contact form with the help of this plugin and on top of that you will also get advantage of accessing add on that eventually comes with this plugin. This add on will allow you to web directory, creation of online survey or posts submitted by users

5. Sucuri

The crucial part after developing your WordPress site is its security. For this purpose Sucuri plugin is used to prevent your site from service attacks. This plugin will also allow you frompreventing hacking and malicious activity.Sucuri is highly recommended by WordPress experts so that your site will be secure from unwanted service attacks. Some of the features included in this plugin include website security scanner real time alerts along with malware removal service.

2016’s Best Selling WordPress Themes – Updated Weekly


Quantitative and Qualitative aspects of the WordPress theme should be considered while taking any theme for website development. As such there is no exact definition, when it belongs to WordPress themes. Number of installs, downloads or sales constitute quantitative aspects whereas brand awareness and brand reputation constitute Qualitative aspects of WordPress theme.A theme should be chosen as per requirement of your website.There are free as well as paid themes available on WordPress so that you can choose theme as per your preference.


1: Divi

This is the most amazing theme offered by WordPress as it has numerous features in it which includes drag and drop interface, access to change icons and colors in your layout. You can also customize the page format while giving your site a beautiful look. Divi Builder feature allows you to create the layout which you dreamed for your site. Various other builders allow the user to customize their site and the user is restricted to certain limits.This is not the case with Divi theme as it allows you full customization of site so that you will be able to create interface that is dynamic and astonishing without interference of code.

2: Soledad

No one would like to spend money on a sub-standard WordPress website. Soledad is exception in this as this theme meets all your standards, fulling all your WordPress site requirements. Many users till now have used this theme and their feedback is extremely positive with this theme. The design of this theme is very impressive and many novices fall in love with this theme.The reason behind this is the special features in this theme and its responsive layout that aims to high resolution web browsers and retina devices. Viewing content can be done on various platforms such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. You can get almost 200 blog layout along with slider combination selections.

3: Specular

This is the most stylish, responsive and user friendly theme available in WordPress. Specular is anentirelyadvanced and remarkably well designed, considerate and suitable, appealing and alluring, highly attractive and can be used by new WordPress beginner. The flexibility is just superb with specular.If you are looking to build website for your tech-savvy business then it is the best theme to approach. You will get the opportunity to customize your site to the graphical environment along with end user experience with all the details.


4: Uncode

Unicode specializes in vibrant colors, superb loading speed, easy to access and many more. Thistheme is very responsive and can be used for multipurposetask. If you are looking to have your own blog on travel or fashion then it is highly recommended theme by WordPress experts.

5: Massive Dynamic

As the name suggests,this theme is most dynamic,tech-savvy and composed in beautiful manner to meet all your requirements.This theme is mainly for webmasters that are responsible for handling various projects to engage online audience.The feedback for this theme is very positive and people love to build their site with this theme.

10 Printer Friendly WordPress Plugins


Having a printer friendly option on your blog is important.  You want your readers to be able to easily print your articles so that they can reference them easily.  Printing a whole blog page is a waste of ink.  If you have ever tried to print a page from a blog and it doesn’t have a printer friendly button then you know what a nuisance it can be.  You can’t read it as well and it is usually smaller print and has a bunch of things on it you didn’t want.  It’s much better to be able to print the specific article without all the extra colors and ads etc.  You want things simpler and easy to use for your readers. Below are some Printer Friendly Plugins for WordPress that you might want to check into.


  1. Print Post & Page Plugin

To use this plugin you will need to add it to your site and activate it.   This will allow you to then add the code necessary to your pages that you want the print icon on.  To tweak how you want it to look you will need to go to your settings options in your admin control panel.

  1. WP – Print Plugin

This printer friendly WordPress plugin will allow you to choose if you want text and an icon of printer or just a printer icon for users to click and print your articles.  You will need to install the plugin and activate it.  In settings you can pick your settings and decide how you want the printer icon to look.  You can also choose what will print.  If you want comments, links and pictures to print along with the article, you can choose this option.  At the bottom of each page you can add your website or change it to say anything you want it to say.

  1. Print Friendly and PDF Plugin

This plugin is an easy to install plugin.  It easily prints pages as a PDF.   You can completely customize how you print your articles.

  1. PrintWhatYouLike plugin

This plugin lets your readers print your articles in a printer friendly plugin.  This plugin supports conversion to a PDF format for printing which looks nice for your readers to view.

  1. Print me! Plugin

This WordPress print friendly plugin adds a simple print button that your users can easily print from.  There is a button on every blog post.  It prints all the content in a printer friendly way.  This is an easy to use plugin.  This plugin hasn’t been updated in awhile, so could have issues with recent versions of WordPress


  1. Print Button shortcode

If you are a more experienced WordPress user and want your print plugin to be able to print specific things in your blog but not others then this is a good plugin for you.

  1. WP Print Friendly

This plugin has the ability for you to configure different templates for it to print certain areas of your posts.It also adds your URL to the printed page.

  1. CleanPrint

This plugin has some nice features.  In addition to the traditional printer friendly option it allows you to place the print button in a variety of places.  It also sets up an easy way for your posts to email directly through an email service.

  1. WordPress Print This Section

With this WordPress plugin you can have it set up to print specific sections of your blog.

  1. VoucherPress

If you have a blog that has special deals and discount coupons that you want your visitors to be able to download and print then this plugin can be helpful for you.  You can even set it up that you can add an email for the reader to get the voucher.  This can help you grow your email list.

Keep an eye out for more posts featuring other types of plugins.

8 of the Best WordPress Backup Plugins


Having a backup plugin that is reliable and easy to use is really important to protect your WordPress site.  You have a lot of hard work you put into your blog/site you don’t want all of that work gone because of a hacker or a server crashes.  Having a backup plugin that keeps a copy of your work safe all the time is essential.  In this post I will highlight some of the backup WordPress plugins available and what their features are.  Some of the plugins are free and some are paid.


  1. VaultPress plugin

This WordPress plugin is a subscription service.  It does have a cost.  The cost varies depending on the plan.  The plans start at $5 a month.  This plugin is very easy to set up and it is easy to restore your site from your back ups.  It offers automated backup to the cloud.

  1. Backup Buddy

This plugin allows you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups and can even backup to Dropbox storage. You can have the backups emailed to you or use the cloud storage option.  This is another paid plugin.  The price varies depending on the plan.  They range from $80 to $297.  They do occasionally offer discounts so keep your eyes open for that.

  1. BackWPup

This is a free plugin that allows you to create complete WordPress backups for free.  The backups get stored on the cloud through Dropbox, amazon or another service.  You can also have it sent to your email, FTP or download on your computer.  This is a simple to use plugin and restoring from your backup is simple.

  1. Backup WordPress

This backup plugin for WordPress can schedule backups.  It is a free plugin but the free version doesn’t allow you to back up to the cloud.  To back up to the cloud you need to use the premium extension for the cloud service you use.  You will need to pay for that if you want to use that type of backup.


  1. Updraft plus

This WordPress plugin allows you to completely backup your WordPress site and store it on the cloud or you can download it.  There is a premium version that has more features.  This plugin can be more challenging for beginners to use as the options you might want can be difficult to locate.

  1. Duplicator

This plug in is primarily used to migrate sites but it also can backup sites.  It doesn’t allow you to schedule backups ahead of time.  So this might not be the best plugin for regular backups.

  1. WP-DB –Backup

This popular WordPress plugin only backs up your WordPress database.  It won’t back up any media files.  Those you will have to backup manually.  If you update your site regularly with lots of media this might not be the best option for you.  It is simple to use and can be automated and scheduled.  It can backup to Dropbox.


  1. Snapshot Pro

This is a paid plugin but one that is well thought of.  Snapshot pro has a one-click backup and restore option.  It can be scheduled for automatic monthly, daily or hourly backups to the cloud (like Dropbox, S3, Google Drive etc). You can back up your entire site or you can exclude specific files.  They offer a free 14 day trial so you can try it out and see if you like it.


These are some of the paid and free plugins you can use to make sure all of your data on your site is safe.  Keep an eye out for more posts on other types of plugins to help make your WordPress site better and easier to use.

Best PDF Viewer Plugins for WordPress


Having your posts able to be viewed as PDF’s and having the ability to load PDF’s easily into your WordPress blogs is an important feature to have.  There are a variety of PDF plugins available.  Some are paid and some are free options.  Below I will highlight some of the various PDF Plugins available for WordPress.

  1. PDF Viewer

This WordPress plugin allows you to put your PDF’s right into your blog posts.  It allows readers to scroll through the PDF easily, zoom in and out and download right from the page.


  1. WP Advanced PDF

The WP Advanced PDF plugin allows you to let users download and print your PDF’s. You can also restrict it so only registered users can download them.  You have the ability to add a logo to your PDF files and different fonts to the PDF as well.  You can also watermark your PDF to help protect your content.


  1. PDF & Print by BestWebsoft

This plugin allows you to add a PDF and Print button. You can pick fonts and have your website title placed on the PDF.  The print option gives you a printer friendly option.

  1. DK PDF

This plugin gives users the option to download your posts in a PDF format.  You can also put your website name or other information you want on the page that is printed.  You can also customize what is printed by adding a code to allow parts to be printed or omit certain parts on the PDF.  It is a fairly simple plugin to set up.

  1. PDF Embedder

This WordPress plugin embeds your PDF in your post.  It allows your readers to download the PDF as well as Scroll and zoom in and out.

  1. WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to embed a large PDF file into your site.  It will display the PDF as a book and uses a book like navigation with flipping pages. It has zoom options as well as a full screen option and works well on devices.

  1. GroupDocs Viewer

This plugin allows you to bed and display PDF files as well as Microsoft Office Documents right in your website.  You do not need adobe reader or flash to view the PDF or Microsoft documents which is a nice feature.

CKgoogledoc _ drupal7 2012-10-19 10-55-57

  1. Google Doc Embedder

This plugin is another good plugin that doesn’t require Flash or Adobe to view your PDF files and Microsoft office files on your web page. It is simpler for your readers to be able to see your PDF files.

  1. WordPress Backend Posts to PDF Plugin

This is a unique plugin that could be very useful.  It helps you created a book from your posts easily.  You can export all your posts that fit criteria you set to create one larger PDF document.  This could be a useful especially tool for offering an Ebook to your readers.

  1. Article2PDF

This WordPress plugin will allow your readers to download your posts as PDF’s.   It also lets you customize the layout for the PDF it generates.

  1. Post2PDF

This is a plugin that gives you a simple button to convert to PDF on the bottom of each page.  Readers can then download the PDF or read it then on the site.

  1. PDF24 WordPress Article plugin

This plugin converts your articles to a PDF and also allows the user to send the PDF to an email address in the box provided on your page.

Having a nice viewable PDF adds a positive feature to your site for your users.  Keep an eye out for future posts that will feature other types of WordPress plug

The Best Search plugins Feature for WordPress


With so many great articles on your blog, you need to have a good search engine to be able to easily search through all of the information you have on your site.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to find the content they are looking for.  If you don’t have a good search plugin for your site your users might not be able to find what they are looking for and can decide to go somewhere else for their information.  You obviously don’t want that.  You are in luck that there are some good plugins out there that are relatively easy to use.  Below are a few good ones to check out for your WordPress site.


  1. Search up

This is a paid search plugin.  It allows you add a better search function to your site for your users.  This search plugin can search all the text on your site to help your users find the content that they are interested in.  The only thing it won’t search is the encrypted content on your site.  The search will show up as a list.

  1. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

This is another premium search engine option for your WordPress site.  This plugin does a live search on your WordPress sites.  The search engine displays a list with any related images on your site.  The search bar itself can be placed in different types of shapes.  You can also add a widget that can show the most popular searches and latest searches that were done on your WordPress site.  This plugin offers you search statistics and integration with google analytics to see what your readers are looking for.  It also suggests keywords and has autocompleted.  The search results will highlight the keyword that is searched.


  1. Custom Google Search plugin

This plugin allows you to replace the WordPress search with a Google-powered search.  You can let the search just search your site or if you have multiple sites you can have it search through a variety of your sites. You can customize how. You want the search results displayed.  They can be displayed on a search page, in a pop-up or in a sidebar.


  1. Relevannni

This search for WordPress plugin offers some nice features.  It will find searches based on even part of the word being put into the search bar.  It will also give results based on relevance first versus time posted.  It also can search based on 2 word searches.  You can search search and plugin and it will only show you posts that have both those words in there.  If you search for search or plugin it will give you posts that have either word in there. You can also search terms with in quotes and it will only give your instances that have all those terms in the search result.  The search results are shown as excerpts with the keywords being highlighted.  The free version has all of these features.  They do offer a paid feature as well that offers a multi-site support, weighting features for results that you want weighted, and highlighted terms for visitors who came from outside of your site.


  1. Better search

This plugin will give your readers a search that is found in the title and content of the posts. It also has a feature that shows the most searched terms on the sidebar. It shows search results by relevancy and it highlights the result in the search results.


These are a few of the many search plugins available for you to use on your WordPress site to improve the results for your users.  Keep an eye out for future posts with other kinds of plugins available for WordPress to improve the performance of your site.


Email and Form Plugins for your WordPress site


Having a contact form on your site is critical to keeping in touch with your readers and making it easier to send new information to them.  There are many plugin options available for WordPress to achieve this goal.  You want to make sure you have one that is easy to fill out and easy for you to get the information on your readers.


  1. Option Monster

This contact form plugin for WordPress will help you grow your email list of your readers.  This plugin will ask users to sign up for the email list when they are ready to leave the site.  You can offer a free PDF of information to help entice them to sign up and help prevent loss of visitors.

  1. Gravity form plugin

This is a paid plugin that has a great email option form.  It also has other types of forms you can create.

  1. Jet pack

This plugin offers a contact form that has a simple and clean form for your readers.  You will get an email notification for each form response entered.   You can add the contact easily to posts or a sidebar.  Jet pack actually offers more than just a contact form when you activate it.  It has received 4 out of 5 starts on WordPress.

  1. Contact Form 7

This free Contact form plugin is very popular.  It is very user friendly.  You can create multiple forms if you need to.  It is a simple but flexible plugin.


  1. Ninja Forms

This contact form plugin give you many options to easily design your contact form for your readers.  It has a nice feature where you can drag and drop all of the things you want on the form.    This form gives you a dozen types of fields you can add to your form.  You can manage your user submissions and export them.  You can pick required fields for the forms.  Have 4 anti-spam options available.


  1. Contact Form

This plugin has a free version that has a simple contact form that works well.  It is also available in 15 languages. This plugin is very easy to use and it to set up.  Once you activate the plugin and insert a shortcode then you are ready to go.   This plugin is easy to use even for the beginner WordPress site owner.  The contact forms look good on all screen sizes and types of devices.  You can adjust what is on your form and what is not.  You can add other information you want on the contact form about the user.


  1. Fast Secure Contact Form

This plugin is free and allows you to create many forms.  It has CAPTCHA support to block spam contacts.  It is very simple to create a form and you can easily insert the contact form anywhere with a shortcode. It offers the feature of redirecting your visitors to another page after they submit their form.  This can be beneficial if you want to make sure your readers see something you are offering.

  1. ContactBuddy

This WordPress plugin is offered free.  It allows you to easily add the simple contact form to posts or your sidebar.

  1. Formidable

This is a paid plugin that has some powerful tools.  It offers a simple interface to make creating. Your WordPress contact forms easy.    You can utilize the information collected on your contact forms in many ways with this tool.  You can customize the layout of your contact form easily.

  1. Pirate Forms

This plugin gives you some flexibility in how you can create your plugin form.  You can use a shortcode to easily insert the form.  If you want more flexibility you can create the form in a customized way for exactly what you need it to have.

Keep an eye out for future posts with other types of Plugins to make your WordPress site better.