SEO Promotion plugins and Podcast plugins to consider for your WordPress site


Today I am going to highlight two types of plugins for your WordPress site that you will want to consider.  The first is the SEO Promotion plugins.  These are very important as they can improve the performance of your site and increase the traffic you receive from Search engines.  The second is podcasting plugins.  If you have a podcast you will want to consider one of these plugins so that your readers can easily access and listen to your podcasts.

SEO Promotion Plugins for your WordPress site:


  1. WordPress SEO

This plugin by Yoast is well known and respected by many site owners.  This plugin optimizes your WordPress site for search engines.  You can set it up to optimize page by page individually as well.  The plugin adds sitemaps, social media settings and breadcrumb navigation.   All of these things are helpful to your readers and to optimize your search engine results.


  1. Related Posts for WordPress

This plugin gives you improved internal linking and promotes your Search Engine Optimization.  The Related Posts plugin figures out the relationship of your posts to each other and quickly delivers results for your readers so they can easily see other articles you have that might interest them.

  1. LinkPatrol

This is a paid plugin.  It allows you to control and monitor all the links on your site.  You don’t want a lot of outgoing links that would hurt your SEO.  It helps eliminate spam links right away.  It will get rid of spam keywords and will make sure the links you add are good for your site.   This is an efficient way to make sure your links are a positive for your site.


  1. Broken Link Checker

This is a free WordPress plugin that helps you find any broken links you might have on your site.  This is important as it can be frustrating for your readers to get errors when clicking on links in your articles.  In addition it can hurt your overall SEO promotion.

Podcasting Plugins for your WordPress site:

  1. Seriously Simple Podcasting

This WordPress plugin automatically generates your ITunes podcast RSS Feed for you.  You can insert the podcast player directly into a post or sidebar widget and your readers will be able to easily listen to your recent podcasts.

  1. PowerPress

This plugin let’s you post your MP3 podcast files right to your site easily.  It will also generate a feed for your listeners to subscribe.  It supports ITunes, BitTorrent RSS and ATOM.  Listeners will be able to listen to your podcasts right from your WordPress site.   This plugin also has some helpful SEO optimization features.  These features can help you get more traffic to your podcast and your site.


  1. Pod love

This plugin is an easy to use addition to your WordPress site.  You can host your MP3 files easily and it produces a podcast feed for a variety of subscriptions.  One of the services that it supports includes iTunes. This plugin has a media player so that your readers and listeners can listen to it right on your WordPress site.

  1. Podcasting Plugin

This plugin by TSG can allow you to host your podcast right on your WordPress site.  It also has the ability to generate a feed for your iTunes podcast and allow your listeners to subscribe.  This is a simple to use plugin.  It has the basics you need if you do not want to have to mess around with a lot of settings.


These are definitely some plugins I would suggest exploring.   All sites should have some type of SEO plugin and if you have a podcast it is essential that you have a plugin on your WordPress site to help it get more exposure.