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8 of the Best WordPress Backup Plugins


Having a backup plugin that is reliable and easy to use is really important to protect your WordPress site.  You have a lot of hard work you put into your blog/site you don’t want all of that work gone because of a hacker or a server crashes.  Having a backup plugin that keeps a copy of your work safe all the time is essential.  In this post I will highlight some of the backup WordPress plugins available and what their features are.  Some of the plugins are free and some are paid.


  1. VaultPress plugin

This WordPress plugin is a subscription service.  It does have a cost.  The cost varies depending on the plan.  The plans start at $5 a month.  This plugin is very easy to set up and it is easy to restore your site from your back ups.  It offers automated backup to the cloud.

  1. Backup Buddy

This plugin allows you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups and can even backup to Dropbox storage. You can have the backups emailed to you or use the cloud storage option.  This is another paid plugin.  The price varies depending on the plan.  They range from $80 to $297.  They do occasionally offer discounts so keep your eyes open for that.

  1. BackWPup

This is a free plugin that allows you to create complete WordPress backups for free.  The backups get stored on the cloud through Dropbox, amazon or another service.  You can also have it sent to your email, FTP or download on your computer.  This is a simple to use plugin and restoring from your backup is simple.

  1. Backup WordPress

This backup plugin for WordPress can schedule backups.  It is a free plugin but the free version doesn’t allow you to back up to the cloud.  To back up to the cloud you need to use the premium extension for the cloud service you use.  You will need to pay for that if you want to use that type of backup.


  1. Updraft plus

This WordPress plugin allows you to completely backup your WordPress site and store it on the cloud or you can download it.  There is a premium version that has more features.  This plugin can be more challenging for beginners to use as the options you might want can be difficult to locate.

  1. Duplicator

This plug in is primarily used to migrate sites but it also can backup sites.  It doesn’t allow you to schedule backups ahead of time.  So this might not be the best plugin for regular backups.

  1. WP-DB –Backup

This popular WordPress plugin only backs up your WordPress database.  It won’t back up any media files.  Those you will have to backup manually.  If you update your site regularly with lots of media this might not be the best option for you.  It is simple to use and can be automated and scheduled.  It can backup to Dropbox.


  1. Snapshot Pro

This is a paid plugin but one that is well thought of.  Snapshot pro has a one-click backup and restore option.  It can be scheduled for automatic monthly, daily or hourly backups to the cloud (like Dropbox, S3, Google Drive etc). You can back up your entire site or you can exclude specific files.  They offer a free 14 day trial so you can try it out and see if you like it.


These are some of the paid and free plugins you can use to make sure all of your data on your site is safe.  Keep an eye out for more posts on other types of plugins to help make your WordPress site better and easier to use.

Best PDF Viewer Plugins for WordPress


Having your posts able to be viewed as PDF’s and having the ability to load PDF’s easily into your WordPress blogs is an important feature to have.  There are a variety of PDF plugins available.  Some are paid and some are free options.  Below I will highlight some of the various PDF Plugins available for WordPress.

  1. PDF Viewer

This WordPress plugin allows you to put your PDF’s right into your blog posts.  It allows readers to scroll through the PDF easily, zoom in and out and download right from the page.


  1. WP Advanced PDF

The WP Advanced PDF plugin allows you to let users download and print your PDF’s. You can also restrict it so only registered users can download them.  You have the ability to add a logo to your PDF files and different fonts to the PDF as well.  You can also watermark your PDF to help protect your content.


  1. PDF & Print by BestWebsoft

This plugin allows you to add a PDF and Print button. You can pick fonts and have your website title placed on the PDF.  The print option gives you a printer friendly option.

  1. DK PDF

This plugin gives users the option to download your posts in a PDF format.  You can also put your website name or other information you want on the page that is printed.  You can also customize what is printed by adding a code to allow parts to be printed or omit certain parts on the PDF.  It is a fairly simple plugin to set up.

  1. PDF Embedder

This WordPress plugin embeds your PDF in your post.  It allows your readers to download the PDF as well as Scroll and zoom in and out.

  1. WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to embed a large PDF file into your site.  It will display the PDF as a book and uses a book like navigation with flipping pages. It has zoom options as well as a full screen option and works well on devices.

  1. GroupDocs Viewer

This plugin allows you to bed and display PDF files as well as Microsoft Office Documents right in your website.  You do not need adobe reader or flash to view the PDF or Microsoft documents which is a nice feature.

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  1. Google Doc Embedder

This plugin is another good plugin that doesn’t require Flash or Adobe to view your PDF files and Microsoft office files on your web page. It is simpler for your readers to be able to see your PDF files.

  1. WordPress Backend Posts to PDF Plugin

This is a unique plugin that could be very useful.  It helps you created a book from your posts easily.  You can export all your posts that fit criteria you set to create one larger PDF document.  This could be a useful especially tool for offering an Ebook to your readers.

  1. Article2PDF

This WordPress plugin will allow your readers to download your posts as PDF’s.   It also lets you customize the layout for the PDF it generates.

  1. Post2PDF

This is a plugin that gives you a simple button to convert to PDF on the bottom of each page.  Readers can then download the PDF or read it then on the site.

  1. PDF24 WordPress Article plugin

This plugin converts your articles to a PDF and also allows the user to send the PDF to an email address in the box provided on your page.

Having a nice viewable PDF adds a positive feature to your site for your users.  Keep an eye out for future posts that will feature other types of WordPress plug

The Best Search plugins Feature for WordPress


With so many great articles on your blog, you need to have a good search engine to be able to easily search through all of the information you have on your site.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to find the content they are looking for.  If you don’t have a good search plugin for your site your users might not be able to find what they are looking for and can decide to go somewhere else for their information.  You obviously don’t want that.  You are in luck that there are some good plugins out there that are relatively easy to use.  Below are a few good ones to check out for your WordPress site.


  1. Search up

This is a paid search plugin.  It allows you add a better search function to your site for your users.  This search plugin can search all the text on your site to help your users find the content that they are interested in.  The only thing it won’t search is the encrypted content on your site.  The search will show up as a list.

  1. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

This is another premium search engine option for your WordPress site.  This plugin does a live search on your WordPress sites.  The search engine displays a list with any related images on your site.  The search bar itself can be placed in different types of shapes.  You can also add a widget that can show the most popular searches and latest searches that were done on your WordPress site.  This plugin offers you search statistics and integration with google analytics to see what your readers are looking for.  It also suggests keywords and has autocompleted.  The search results will highlight the keyword that is searched.


  1. Custom Google Search plugin

This plugin allows you to replace the WordPress search with a Google-powered search.  You can let the search just search your site or if you have multiple sites you can have it search through a variety of your sites. You can customize how. You want the search results displayed.  They can be displayed on a search page, in a pop-up or in a sidebar.


  1. Relevannni

This search for WordPress plugin offers some nice features.  It will find searches based on even part of the word being put into the search bar.  It will also give results based on relevance first versus time posted.  It also can search based on 2 word searches.  You can search search and plugin and it will only show you posts that have both those words in there.  If you search for search or plugin it will give you posts that have either word in there. You can also search terms with in quotes and it will only give your instances that have all those terms in the search result.  The search results are shown as excerpts with the keywords being highlighted.  The free version has all of these features.  They do offer a paid feature as well that offers a multi-site support, weighting features for results that you want weighted, and highlighted terms for visitors who came from outside of your site.


  1. Better search

This plugin will give your readers a search that is found in the title and content of the posts. It also has a feature that shows the most searched terms on the sidebar. It shows search results by relevancy and it highlights the result in the search results.


These are a few of the many search plugins available for you to use on your WordPress site to improve the results for your users.  Keep an eye out for future posts with other kinds of plugins available for WordPress to improve the performance of your site.


Email and Form Plugins for your WordPress site


Having a contact form on your site is critical to keeping in touch with your readers and making it easier to send new information to them.  There are many plugin options available for WordPress to achieve this goal.  You want to make sure you have one that is easy to fill out and easy for you to get the information on your readers.


  1. Option Monster

This contact form plugin for WordPress will help you grow your email list of your readers.  This plugin will ask users to sign up for the email list when they are ready to leave the site.  You can offer a free PDF of information to help entice them to sign up and help prevent loss of visitors.

  1. Gravity form plugin

This is a paid plugin that has a great email option form.  It also has other types of forms you can create.

  1. Jet pack

This plugin offers a contact form that has a simple and clean form for your readers.  You will get an email notification for each form response entered.   You can add the contact easily to posts or a sidebar.  Jet pack actually offers more than just a contact form when you activate it.  It has received 4 out of 5 starts on WordPress.

  1. Contact Form 7

This free Contact form plugin is very popular.  It is very user friendly.  You can create multiple forms if you need to.  It is a simple but flexible plugin.


  1. Ninja Forms

This contact form plugin give you many options to easily design your contact form for your readers.  It has a nice feature where you can drag and drop all of the things you want on the form.    This form gives you a dozen types of fields you can add to your form.  You can manage your user submissions and export them.  You can pick required fields for the forms.  Have 4 anti-spam options available.


  1. Contact Form

This plugin has a free version that has a simple contact form that works well.  It is also available in 15 languages. This plugin is very easy to use and it to set up.  Once you activate the plugin and insert a shortcode then you are ready to go.   This plugin is easy to use even for the beginner WordPress site owner.  The contact forms look good on all screen sizes and types of devices.  You can adjust what is on your form and what is not.  You can add other information you want on the contact form about the user.


  1. Fast Secure Contact Form

This plugin is free and allows you to create many forms.  It has CAPTCHA support to block spam contacts.  It is very simple to create a form and you can easily insert the contact form anywhere with a shortcode. It offers the feature of redirecting your visitors to another page after they submit their form.  This can be beneficial if you want to make sure your readers see something you are offering.

  1. ContactBuddy

This WordPress plugin is offered free.  It allows you to easily add the simple contact form to posts or your sidebar.

  1. Formidable

This is a paid plugin that has some powerful tools.  It offers a simple interface to make creating. Your WordPress contact forms easy.    You can utilize the information collected on your contact forms in many ways with this tool.  You can customize the layout of your contact form easily.

  1. Pirate Forms

This plugin gives you some flexibility in how you can create your plugin form.  You can use a shortcode to easily insert the form.  If you want more flexibility you can create the form in a customized way for exactly what you need it to have.

Keep an eye out for future posts with other types of Plugins to make your WordPress site better.

Social Media Plugins for WordPress sites


Social media is a critical part of any WordPress sites source of traffic.  Having a social media presence will help you connect with more readers.  It is a very important part of any websites strategy to attract more visitors.  There are many social media plugins available for WordPress.  The main social media platforms that website owners usually target are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn but there are many others that can be effective as well.  Below I have listed some social media plugins to consider.


  1. Floating Social Bar

This plugin lets you add a share button for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  You can choose which ones you want to display on your site.

  1. JetPack

This plugin created by is a simple sharing plugin (it also has other functions that this plugin performs.).  This plugin allows you to see the share counts of your readers.  This allows your viewers to easily share your articles on all social media.

  1. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to place over 20 social media platform buttons on your site for sharing.  You can choose which ones you want.  It allows users to share images and articles from your site on social media. They have a floating sidebar that is very visually appealing.  The Cost for this plugin, which includes a lot of other features I haven’t mentioned here, ranges from $69 (per year) to $249 (one time) with a 30 day money back guarantee.

  1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

This plugin gives you a lot of options and flexibility.  You can display a share counter widget in your sidebar for the social media platforms you want.   You can share your profile for the social media sites you want as well just by putting the shortcode in your sidebar.  You can choose from 20 social networks to have buttons on your sites.  You can pick from 3 button styles and 8 counter styles.  It also gives you analytics on your shares.  You can have a Love this, more button, print and email share button added to your site.  This is a very nice all encompassing plugin that has flexibility for your WordPress site.  The cost for the license for this plugin is $19.

  1. Social Fans

This plugin comes with a lot of bells and whistles.  There are 30 social networks you can choose from.  There are of course the standard buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest along with many others.  They also have animations for their buttons.  It can show your shares, subscribers and followers along with allowing your readers to easily share your articles in a variety of ways. The cost for the license for this plugin is $17.



  1. CardZ Social Stream for WordPress

This plugin for WordPress lets you pick the social media platforms you want to stream on your site.  You pick the ones you want and add the code to your site and you will automatically see your stream of posts from your social media platforms you chose.  You can even create a special post to add to your stream.  The cost for the license for this plugin is $22.


  1. WordPress Social Stream

This is another streaming plugin for WordPress. This will combine your social platform streams into one stream on your site.  It is interactive and visually pleasing.  It gives you options from 15 social network platforms such as: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and more.  Your users will be able to share posts via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.   The price of this Plugin is $19.

As you can see there are many social media plugin options with a variety of features.  Keep an eye out for posts on a variety of other types of plugins.

Social Media Plugins – LinkedIn Specific – to help your WordPress site get shares and connections

Having Social Media connected to your WordPress site is very important.  Social media is a big way that many sites articles are shared and read.  The bigger the presence you can have on social media the better.  In order to help facilitate this you will want to make sure that you have a plugin that allows you to easily connect with your users via social media.  Some plugins have a simple share feature for many social media sites or for one primary one.  Other plugins have the ability to share your profile on social media so your readers can easily connect with you there.  Others have a simple like feature that they can easily select.  Today I am going to review some of the social media plugins you might want to consider for your WordPress site.



  1. LinkedIn plugin

There is a plugin created by LinkedIn that you can get to by signing into your LinkedIn page.  You will need to go to your member profile plugin page on LinkedIn.  From here you can adjust the settings to fit what you want it to look like and click get code.  You will then need to paste into your sidebar widget or a post.


  1. WP LinkedIn Plugin

This plugin is an easy way to add a LinkedIn widget to your site.  You will need to go to your settings to configure the plugin.  You will need to go to the LinkedIn developers site to create an application button which you will put in your settings on your WordPress site.  On the LinkedIn site you will get a client ID and a secret code which will allow you to activate your personal LinkedIn profile on your site.  This will go in the settings on your site and then you can add it to the widget in your sidebar.

  1. LinkedIn Master

This plugin displayed your LinkedIn profile on your sidebar.  Like the other plugins I mentioned you will need to generate code from the LinkedIn developers site.  If you get the paid version it can show more detail in your profile like available jobs and company information etc.

  1. LinkedIn auto Publish

This convenient plugin publishes your blog posts (Title, excerpt and image) as updated on your LinkedIn page.  You will need to put the secret key code and client ID code from LinkedIn as with the other plugins for it to activate.


  1. Atom LinkedIn

This plugin allows you to easily add LinkedIn buttons to your WordPress site.  Once you put the Atom LinkedIn widget in your sidebar you can customize it.  You then will have a LinkedIn button ready for your readers to use to connect with you on LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn Login

If you have a membership site where users need to login then you might find this plugin useful.  This plugin allows your readers to login to your site using their LinkedIn login ID making it simpler for them to sign up and sign in.



  1. LinkedIn Company Updates

This plugin allows you to display your LinkedIn updates seamlessly on your WordPress site automatically.  It’s an easy way to add content to both places at once.

  1. LinkedIn Badge

This WordPress plugin allows you to put a widget in your in your sidebar on your site which will allow you to show the LinkedIn badge or button to your profile.

There are many more social media plugins for LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Look for a future post that will detail more of the social media plugins for you to add to your WordPress site as well as other types of plugins.


SEO Promotion plugins and Podcast plugins to consider for your WordPress site


Today I am going to highlight two types of plugins for your WordPress site that you will want to consider.  The first is the SEO Promotion plugins.  These are very important as they can improve the performance of your site and increase the traffic you receive from Search engines.  The second is podcasting plugins.  If you have a podcast you will want to consider one of these plugins so that your readers can easily access and listen to your podcasts.

SEO Promotion Plugins for your WordPress site:


  1. WordPress SEO

This plugin by Yoast is well known and respected by many site owners.  This plugin optimizes your WordPress site for search engines.  You can set it up to optimize page by page individually as well.  The plugin adds sitemaps, social media settings and breadcrumb navigation.   All of these things are helpful to your readers and to optimize your search engine results.


  1. Related Posts for WordPress

This plugin gives you improved internal linking and promotes your Search Engine Optimization.  The Related Posts plugin figures out the relationship of your posts to each other and quickly delivers results for your readers so they can easily see other articles you have that might interest them.

  1. LinkPatrol

This is a paid plugin.  It allows you to control and monitor all the links on your site.  You don’t want a lot of outgoing links that would hurt your SEO.  It helps eliminate spam links right away.  It will get rid of spam keywords and will make sure the links you add are good for your site.   This is an efficient way to make sure your links are a positive for your site.


  1. Broken Link Checker

This is a free WordPress plugin that helps you find any broken links you might have on your site.  This is important as it can be frustrating for your readers to get errors when clicking on links in your articles.  In addition it can hurt your overall SEO promotion.

Podcasting Plugins for your WordPress site:

  1. Seriously Simple Podcasting

This WordPress plugin automatically generates your ITunes podcast RSS Feed for you.  You can insert the podcast player directly into a post or sidebar widget and your readers will be able to easily listen to your recent podcasts.

  1. PowerPress

This plugin let’s you post your MP3 podcast files right to your site easily.  It will also generate a feed for your listeners to subscribe.  It supports ITunes, BitTorrent RSS and ATOM.  Listeners will be able to listen to your podcasts right from your WordPress site.   This plugin also has some helpful SEO optimization features.  These features can help you get more traffic to your podcast and your site.


  1. Pod love

This plugin is an easy to use addition to your WordPress site.  You can host your MP3 files easily and it produces a podcast feed for a variety of subscriptions.  One of the services that it supports includes iTunes. This plugin has a media player so that your readers and listeners can listen to it right on your WordPress site.

  1. Podcasting Plugin

This plugin by TSG can allow you to host your podcast right on your WordPress site.  It also has the ability to generate a feed for your iTunes podcast and allow your listeners to subscribe.  This is a simple to use plugin.  It has the basics you need if you do not want to have to mess around with a lot of settings.


These are definitely some plugins I would suggest exploring.   All sites should have some type of SEO plugin and if you have a podcast it is essential that you have a plugin on your WordPress site to help it get more exposure.